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The Yugioh Collectible Card Game

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Individual players or teams are entitled to handle a number of trading cards and dozens of decks. Each card boasts either a good or a bad imaginary character, which originally is taken from the Yugioh anime series. The characters can be imaginary beasts, or dragons, and the players need to use their magical powers to summon these creatures. Because of the many different Yugioh trading cards available, players can really customize their game and play creatures of a variety of natures, be it weak or powerful.

The Yugioh trading cards are grouped into three. There include the starter decks, structure decks, and the booster packs. The booster cards are what players use primarily for card distribution. For instance, in Konami’s case, the booster pack is consists of five random cards. Each set is composed of fifty to sixty cards of different faces. In areas where Upper Deck cards are sold though, the booster packs are composed of nine cards that are randomly assorted. The whole set contains a couple or a number of cards that are combined as one. Regardless of distributor though, booster packs often contain larger amounts of card pieces and are frequently reissued or reprinted.

The Starter decks of Yugioh trading cards are made for beginners to use. The mechanics of the game and its basic game play revolve around the use of these cards. Just like the booster packs, these too feature a variety of different imaginary characters, but all are patterned from the ones seen in the second anime series. Each deck contains cards from forty to fifty pieces, a rulebook, and a game mat. If you are playing with the United States-made starter deck, you’ll have seven decks available, including the Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Pegasus, Yugioh!, Jaden Yuki, and Syrus Truesdale.

The Structure Decks, finally, are made for the advanced players to employ. The Yugioh trading cards contained by this set are made to put emphasis on a particular strategy. Since they are made for the advanced players, the individual cards are more powerful and often come in combos. Each of the structure decks holds 40 cards, aside from a rule book, a game mat, and a small leaflet that highlights recommendations or suggestions on how to improve the value of the deck. In addition, the Yugioh structure decks are made in accordance to the standards maintained by the Advanced-Format Forbidden Card list.

The Yugioh trading cards further evolve to contain several other decks to be used for the game play. There are the evolution starter decks, which have been developed and released to boast cards of slightly different features. Other than that, there are the type and character structure decks, which also are composed of cards of different faces. Whatever type of Yugioh trading cards you get, each of them serves a purpose unique from any other.

Popular Culture Collectibles and Vintage Greeting Cards

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Greeting cards hold a lot of importance in everybody’s lives as these usually signify special occasions. People who are fond of such things can buy popular culture collectibles reference ebooks from reliable Ebook Stores. These books with popular culture collectibles reference have all the information one needs to know before buying such antiques.

One of the popular culture collectibles reference ebook is Star Trek The Collectibles ebook. The book enjoys immense popularity among young and old collectors alike. It has all the information regarding the epic American science-fiction television and movie series. This ebook provides a great collection of Star Trek treasures which will be liked by all, whether a devoted collector or an amateur one.

Star Trek The Collectibles ebook contains around 1,500 colour pictures including mementoes from Paramount Studios storehouses. It also has chapters that cover 40 years of Star Trek posters, games, lunch boxes, pins, original scripts and numerous other objects. The book also provides all requisite information on the current market values of these items.

Apart from Star Trek The Collectibles ebook, Harry Potter Collector’s Handbook ebook is also quite famous among the young collectors. The book comprises of colourful beautiful photos and also gives the current values of the items which are associated with the famous Boy Wizard Harry Potter. Readers can also find around thousand of spellbinding listings, with all information arranged neatly in alphabetical order in this book.

One can also refer to Collectible ’70s ebook written by Steve Kelley. The book is pop-culture history guide from 70s and gives the current value of items such as smiley faces and platform shoes from the golden era 70s. It covers everything belonging to that period, be it Pet Rocks, Saturday Night Fever or Punk Rock. This colourful book takes the readers into the 70s and educated them about that period in detail.

Similarly, people who are interested in gathering old, unique greeting cards can refer to several ebooks available on the subject. Collecting Vintage Children’s Greeting Cards ebook is best suited for the purpose. This book takes the readers down memory lane, rekindling the flame for collectible greeting cards from eras gone by.

Collecting Vintage Children’s Greeting Cards has chapters on Christmas with Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph. Readers will also find cartoon characters, dogs, cats, animals and nursery rhyme and fairytale cards in this book. These cards are made by prominent artists like Mabel Lucie Attwell, Marjorie Cooper, Charlot Byj and Angela, among others. Collectors can find cards from 1930s to 1960s, focusing mainly on 40s and 50s. All the details of the card, such as series, size, name of card and recent value in the market, are available in this book.