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How To Get Your Child Interested In Collecting Sports Cards

Collecting sports cards used to be a well-loved hobby among kids, but its popularity has begun to wear off. Children still have a variety of interests, but for one reason or another, this has lost some of its appeal. There are still children who enjoy the activity and if parents would to get kids interested so they can share the hobby with them, it is possible to do so. If you were a collector yourself, you might want your child to learn about the hobby and see the benefits of collecting before they discount it as an interest of their own. If you still enjoy collecting, this would be a great hobby to share with your child. The best part is, kids these days have more options than generations in the past. It used to be possible to collect just for baseball, but now there are basketball, golf and even football cards. This means you are not limited to only one sport, making it much easier to spark a kid’s interest and get them involved in the past time. Once they are a fan of a sport, it should be easier to get them interested in collecting.

One of the easiest ways to catch a child’s attention is by giving them a few packages as a gift. In addition to whatever else you would buy for your child, attach a few packages as an extra gift. At the very least, this will spark their curiosity. They will not feel as if you are pressuring them to collect because you still gave them a regular gift. However, if they have some sets to browse or study, they might find it is an enjoyable thing to do during quiet time.

Kids love tagging along when adults go to special events, so find a show in your area that is featuring collectors with this hobby and take your child with you. Keep your visit relatively brief because all the talk about value and trading might get boring, but seeing the collections might create some interest in your child. If you are able to, find a show that is featuring a few local sports stars signing autographs. If your child is a fan of a certain team, they will love getting an autograph and meeting the players.

These shows are a great time for them to learn about having items from their collection signed. Purchase the card of the player who is in attendance and use that to get an autograph. The child will see the value in collecting and realize the excitement of hunting down an autograph is really a lot of fun. If there are no shows in your area, you can do the same at a game. Before or after, hang around the dugout or outside near the player’s parking area and see if you can talk one of the players into signing for you and your child.

Finally, if you were a collector, share that collection with your child. Kids are always interested in hearing about what their parents did when they were younger. If you have stories about trading or saving money from your allowance to increase the collection, talk to your child about your hobby. This is a great way to share with your child and enjoy quality time with one another.

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