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Antique Engagement Rings

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Victorian Engagement rings are designed in style that reflects what was popular in the later part of the 19th century. The name Victorian derived from Queen Victoria. Today you can buy both antique Victorian rings and modern ones designed in a Victorian style.

The Victorian engagement ring most people know as an antique one because of the design and style. These rings are known to be the engagement rings of people who are romantic since during the era of Queen Victoria, she and Prince Albert had a strong romantic love for each other. They are know to be the symbol of true love.

Victorian style rings have an alluring design and style. In this kind of ring, not only diamond gemstones can be used. Colored gemstones such as rubies, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, emerald, etc can also be used in this kind of ring style.

Victorian designed rings vary widely. Here are just some of the few designs or style, namely:

* Victorian romantic Rings: The gemstones were used in this kind of engagement rings were colored gemstone such as rubies, emerald, topaz, amethyst.
* Victorian half-loop rings: Are also vintage engagement rings. It is a simple design with small diamonds surrounding the center gemstone.
* Colorful late Victorian rings: These are rings with 3 diamonds at the center surrounded with colored gemstone such as rubies in the form of oblong shape. Rubies were again surrounded with small diamonds with oblong shape design.
* Antique Victorian diamond garnet gold rings: It has an antique design with simple style.

But the most well-known Victorian engagement rings were the ones with a 2 serpent design in which Queen Victoria herself liked. The 3 stone rings was also popular in the era of Queen Victoria.

Many women dream to have a Victorian engagement ring design because of the romantic history of it. As mentioned earlier they are known to be the symbol of true love, that is why men who truly love their bride-to-be also want to give this kind of ring.

If you really dream to give a Victorian ring to your bride-to-be to show your true love to her, then you have to shop from one jewelry shop to another, not only to compare the price but to look for the different style or design of the ring that suits your future bride’s taste.

But first, you have to see to it that you have the budget for the ring itself in case you can find one. If you are too tired to roam around shops, then try to go online and shop through internet.