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Heart Jewelry

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Hearts, as a romantic symbol, have been used in almost every culture throughout the world. Hearts are a sign of love, friendship, commitment and betrothal, depending on what the intent was in the gifting of the jewelry item. Because hearts are relatively easy to fashion, even very hard stones such as diamonds can be made into the heart shape for a truly lovely presentation. One of the most historical and culturally rich heart-shaped jewelry piece is the Irish Claddagh ring. This ring, which is always a heart held by two clasped hands topped with a crown, has stood for love, friendship, loyalty and faith for over 300 years. It is interesting that traditionally the way that the Claddagh ring was worn symbolized which of the meanings of the ring it was intended. This tradition is not as closely followed as it was in the past, but if you want to wear the ring correctly you do need to know what you are indicating.

Worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward means that the wearer is engaged but not yet married. Worn on the right hand in the opposite position, heart facing inwards, the ring symbolizes that the wearer has had their heart captured by someone else but it has not been formalized. Wearing the ring on the right hand with the heart facing outward means that the wearer is free and available. If this all seems a bit complicated, don’t worry too much as unless you are of strong Irish heritage and really well versed in these things as it is just the beauty of the ring you will be focused on anyway.

Typically hearts in jewelry are seen on items for women, however hearts in engraving or detailing on wedding bands can be seen on both men’s and women’s styles. One of the most unique aspects of hearts, regardless of the type of jewelry, is that they are a shape that can be very large and bold or very tiny and delicate without distorting the shape. If you stop and think about it the symmetrical aspect of the heart shape makes it perfect for balancing jewelry items and for working into other shapes and designs. A common jeweled heart pendant or earrings will take full advantage of this symmetry and have either one larger center jewel or smaller jewels in equal balance on either side of the heart.

Heart shapes have been stylized over the years with longer more artistic hearts very popular in many different jewelry styles. Traditional heart shapes are also seen in both older and more modern and classic styles, making them very versatile as well as collectible. Lockets, traditionally in the shape of a heart are perhaps the best known of the jewelry styles to focus on the heart shape in very traditional ways.